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Maternity Shoots at Studio Hire London!

maternity shoot london

Hello and welcome to our blog, today’s blog is based on our new offering in the fantastic studio which is focusing on mum and baby.

 During lockdown in the UK we have seen the rise of many of our friends families and loved ones on social media and announce that they are pregnant and many of the mums and dads are wanting to capture these moments in a loving and beautiful setting and that is where we are coming in.

 We would love to capture the creation that you have made during this time of crazy, the lockdown baby boom is the newest feature to the studio and we are offering creative photography services in our space.

 You can view our video and promo on our YouTube page and it is also displayed below.


Watch the video:

We have lots of ideas and designs for our parents wanting to get something unique and different just like they are.  Create some art with our team as we design the set with flowers with candles with beautiful backdrops for you to pose, stand and love each other for the photographs.


Pregnancy is a beautiful time and it is always worth it to capture it  as time flies and with every day photographs gain more in value why not capture it properly and perfectly with an experienced photographer in our studio.


Need your hair to be styled and your make-up done?  We have amazing hair stylists and make-up artists that can get you glam to make you look your best for the shoot.


It is highly recommended to have these on hand to get the best photographs that you will love.


A 2-hour shoot is the perfect time to capture those images with to set options and gown hire also available.  Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements colour schemes and ideas and we would love to hear from you.

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